We help companies clarify human resource concerns and custom design programs based upon their needs.

Employees are the single most valuable resource of any organization.

  • More than 70% of individuals diagnosed with a substance abuse or mental health problem are employed.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse problems alone are estimated to cost U.S. businesses in excess of $100 billion annually.
  • The estimated cost for depression is approximately $83 billion.

These are costs that may be buried in health insurance and workers’ compensation premiums, poor productivity, on-the- job accidents, inefficiency and poor workplace morale, absenteeism, tardiness and personnel turnover.

Employee personal problems have a measurable impact on both their family lives and their work performance. Without assistance, the problems which workers experience are expensive for the employer. Common issues covered include, but are not limited to personal or job related stress, alcohol and substance abuse, psychological problems, interpersonal conflicts, marital difficulties, family conflicts, parenting issues, child adjustment problems, career concerns, and geriatric health issues, as well as financial and legal problems as they relate to personal and relationship difficulties.

Providing EAP help for managers, supervisors, and individual employees increases the organization’s productivity while decreasing its human resource risks and loss exposure. Policy consultation, supervisory training, union training, employee education, and professionally implemented counseling services improve the health, well-being, and effectiveness of the entire organization, as well as its employees. In the face of escalating health-care costs, an employee assistance program is a prudent cost-containment strategy.

As part of our employee assistance programs, Liberty EAP provides numerous EAP related supervisory and employee training programs, some of which are summarized in the EAP Program Component section. However, Liberty EAP also provides other training and wellness programs designed to help organizations maximize the health and talents of their employees, both individually and as part of a cohesive team.

The focus of our Liberty Employee Assistance Program is on enhancing employee health and productivity. We work with both employees and family members who have personal problems that may ultimately affect employee workplace performance. Below, we list many of the program components that are frequently included in the development of a Liberty EAP.

Employer Login

Liberty EAP HR/Supervisor Center allows easy access 24/7 to helpful information including:

  • EAP Basics
  • Observing Performance
  • Documentation
  • Confronting Your Employee
  • Referring Your Employee
  • After Referral: Follow-up and Monitoring

Liberty EAP works closely with client companies to design practical, measurement based studies that provide information of use to the overall evaluation of the EAPs impact.

Policy Design and Review

Help develop a clearly defined EAP policy, as well as an annual review and update of the policy. Meet with senior management to ensure the EAP complies with organizational objectives and integrates with existing programs.

Program Promotion/EAP Awareness

Develop a program start up package including EAP announcement letters to employees and family members, brochures, wallet cards, posters, and other appropriate materials. Provide ongoing promotional activities including newsletters, health fair participation, and site visits.

Orientation for Senior Executives

Liberty Account Executives provide an overview of the EAP to ensure full endorsement and proactive support from all levels of management.

Management/Supervisory Training

The EAP is introduced to managers, supervisors and other key designated officials via a comprehensive training program covering job performance issues, confidentiality, EAP referrals, documentation, and legal requirements.

Employee Orientation

Both initially and subsequently for new hires, present the program to employees, and whenever possible family members.

Easy Access

Through the use of our toll free number, clients can readily access services and speak with intake specialists.

Face-to- Face Assessment

Comprehensive office based assessment services by licensed counselors.

Short-term Counseling Services

At no fee to employees or family members, licensed counselors provide in person counseling sessions for issues that can be appropriately treated clinically within a short-term model.

Personal Telephone Consultation

Whenever necessary or requested, and clinically appropriate, licensed counselors can provide initial phone assessment and subsequent telephone supports.

Referral Coordination

When clinically necessary, referrals are made to carefully screened professional treatment specialists, as well as to community based agencies, self-help groups and private treatment centers. In addition to referrals to mental health and substance abuse providers, referrals are also made to legal resources, financial resources, childcare resources and eldercare resources, among others.


Maintain a confidential EAP service consistent with federal, state and ethical requirements, including HIPPA.

Supervisory Referrals

Work closely with supervisors and managers in facilitating referrals and providing appropriate recommendations and ongoing follow-up as per authorization with signed release of information forms.

Emergency Services

Through the use of our toll free number, counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with any crisis situation which may warrant attention either during or after normal business hours.

Critical Stress Response

Licensed clinicians with experience in critical stress response provide timely intervention, including onsite counseling services to management, employees or family members who have been exposed to a particularly stressful situation such as catastrophes, death, or other medical or psychological traumas.

Management Consultation

Counselors and Account Executives are continually available to management and supervisors to consult about workplace and EAP issues, as well as to ensure that the program is meeting agreed upon objectives.

Ongoing Onsite Services

Provide regularly scheduled onsite counseling services for client organizations desiring this level of service.

Reorganization Support

During times of mergers, acquisitions, downsizings or other reorganization events, we provide relevant consultation, together with onsite presentations and counseling services.

Wellness Education

Provide a wide range of topics for the purpose of educating employees and family members regarding behavioral health issues.

Federal Drug/Alcohol Training

Provide alcohol and drug (controlled substances) training that satisfies federally mandated requirements (D.O.T., D.O.D., etc).

SAP Services

Provide the appropriate evaluations, recommendations and follow-up offered by credentialed, substance abuse professionals in compliance with federal requirements.

Threat Management

Work together with supervisors, human resource professionals, medical directors, security and other designated individuals in a team effort to prevent potentially imminent episodes of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Provide a thorough, detailed workplace violence training module for managers and employees.

Harassment Prevention Training

Provide training to minimize sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, as well as to increase sensitivity to diversity issues.

Web-Based Services

Liberty EAP provides web-based educational content and interactive supervisory training, as well as the opportunity for appointment and information requests.

Program Evaluation and Reporting

Provide timely utilization reports at intervals agreed upon with client organizations (usually quarterly) that cover a wide range of relevant feedback topics.

Outcome Studies

Conduct and report on the results of outcome studies that provide critical information regarding clinical success and cost/benefit analysis.

Union Training

For companies with unions, we provide training to officials designated by the union for the purpose of encouraging their active support of the program.

Union Referrals

We work with key designated union officials who may wish to direct troubled employees into the program.

Union Consultation

Liberty EAP also provides ongoing consultation with union officials about employee concerns and union referrals when authorized by signed release forms.

Free Consultation

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